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Information for School Visits

School kids websiteKagyu Samye Dzong London has been welcoming school visits for many years. Every year about a dozen school groups come to visit us.
The age of groups varies from 6 to 7 years to 14 to 15 years however we are happy to welcome any age groups.

The school group tour will be lead by Karma Damcho Sherab the resident monk here at the centre. We receive school visits on Thursday or Friday mornings between 10:30am and 12:00pm and they usually last up to an hour.

What you can expect during a school visit:
  • a warm welcome to the centre
  • an introduction to Buddhism and the essence of the Buddhist teachings
  • a brief simple guided meditation
  • Question and Answer time with the students

We ask schools to make a donation of their choice when visiting the Centre.

To organise a school visit please feel free to contact our office by calling 020 3327 1650 or by emailing

School visit enquiries