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Our Environmental Aim

Our Environmental Impact

In following His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa's advice that he gave to his various monasteries and centre's worldwide on how to be more enironmentally friendly we have actively taken steps to reduce our environmental impact. We have installed over 60 solar panels on our roof along with Solar Hot water heaters. In addition to this we have made efforts, whilst renovating this Grade 2 listed building, to insulate rooms very thorougly meaning that whatever heat is produced by our heating systems stays around for longer. We have also installed secondary glazing on many of the windows around the building including our two shrine rooms.

We have also made efforts to make sure that we are provided with electricity from 100% renewable energy sources and we are in the process of switching our gas to a greener alternative as well.

water2Solar Powered

There are 60 solar panels on the top of the centre's roof that help us to reduce our carbon footprint by powering our centres electricity needs during the day. When the sun is shinning brightly it is almost certain that the centre's solar panels supply all of our energy needs taking of us completely off grid. Whatever surplus energy that is produced by the panels gets sent back onto the grid making our Bermondsey temple a mini renewable energy power station.

We have signed up to the "Feed in Tarif" so not only do we get rewarded for or every unit of electricity we produce but we also get remuneration for how many units get sent as surplus to the grid.

We have 3 solar hot water heaters which provide our bathrooms with hot water.


We are proud to say that we have been an Ecotricity client for a few years know. They are providing us with 100% renewable energy generated from wind and solar farms dotted around the country.

Green Gas

Recently we have migrated our gas over to Ecotricity who are looking to supply the national grid with gas produced from Grass which is more enironmentally friendly then normal gas.