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Teachings on the Dorje Chang Tungma 


These teachings were given by Khenpo Damcho Dawa Rinpoche at Kagyu Samye Dzong London in the spring of 2012.

The Dorje Chang Tungma, or Kagyu lineage prayer, is recited regularly before meditation sessions and teachings at Samye Dzong and other Kagyu centres. Khenpo Damcho Dawa will explain the inner meaning of this profound prayer and unlock the wealth of wisdom contained therein.

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Dorjé chang-chen télo narotang

Marpa mila chöje gampopa

Düsum shécha künchen karmapa

Chéshi chungje jütpa dzin-nam tang

Dritak tsalsumpalden drukpa-sok


Great Dorje Chang, Tilopa, Naropa,

Marpa, Milarepa, Prince of Dharma-Gampopa,

Karmapa - who knows all of past, present and future,

The Holders of the Four Great and Eight Smaller Lineages -

Drikung, Talung, Tsalpa, glorious Drukpa and many others;

I pray to you who have realised the deep path of Mahamudra.


Sablam chajachela nga-nyé-pé

Nyam-mé drogöndhagpo kajüla

Solwa'ndepso kajü lamanam

Jütpa dzin-no namtar chinji-lop


The Dhagpo Line of Oral Transmission,

That peerless protector for all beings.

I will also uphold the tradition of the Kagyu Lamas;

Grant your blessing that I may follow the example of their wondrous deeds.


Shenlok gomji kangpar sungpa-shin

Zénor künla chakshen mépa-tang

Tsendir dötak-chöpé gomchenla

Nyékur shempamépar chinji-lop


Weariness with Samsara is taught to be the feet of meditation.

Thus the true meditator is uninvolved with food, wealth or anything.

Grant your blessing to those who sever their bondage to the things of this life,

That they may be unattached to success and honour.


Mögü gomji gowor sungpa-shin

Men-nga tergojépé lamala

Jündu solwa'ndep-pé gomchenla

Chömin mögü chéwar chinji-lop


Devotion is taught to be the head of meditation.

Thus the true meditator constantly prays to his Guru,

The one who opens the door to the treasure of the essential instructions.

Grant your blessing that uncontrived faith and devotion may arise in them.


Yengmé gomji ngoshir sungpa-shin

Kangshar tokpé. ngowo somaté

Machö tékar jokpé gomchenla

Gomcha lotangtralwar chinji-lop


Non-distraction is taught to be the actual body of meditation.

Thus, whatever arises, the true meditator simply rests within the uncontrived,

In the very freshness of the essence of thought.

Grant your blessing that there may be freedom from the idea of something to meditate on.


Namto ngowo chökur sungpa-shin

Chi-yang ma-yinchiryang charwala

Manga rolpar charwé gomchenla

Kordé yermétokpar chinji-lop


The essence of thought is taught to be the Dharmakaya.

Nothing whatsoever, yet it manifests as anything whatsoever,

Appearing in unhindered play to the true meditator.

Grant your blessing that the indivisibility of Samsara and Nirvana be realised.


Chéwa küntuyangda lamatang

Tralmé cho-chipal-la longchö-ching

Satang lamjiyönten rapzoné

Dorjé changi kompang nyurtop-sho


In all my lives may I never be without a true Guru,

And may I make proper use of the splendour of Dharma.

Perfecting all the qualities of the Levels and Paths,

May I swiftly achieve the state of Dorje Chang.


Dedication prayer:


Sönam diyi tamché zikpa-nyi

Topné nyepé dranam pam-chéné

Chéga-nachi balab trukpa-yi

Sipén-tsolé drowa drol-wara-sho

Through the virtue of this goodness,

May I attain omniscience and overcome all adversity,

Thereupon liberating beings from the ocean of existence,

Which is rocked by the waves of birth, ageing, sickness and death.










































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