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Advice from Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche - Readings on 8th October 2020

Posted on 8 Oct 2020

Advice from Choje Akong Tulku Rinpoche - Readings on 8th October 2020

 Reading 1

”Don’t waste time. Don’t use problems as an excuse. Be thankful for whatever experience comes. Be thankful for obstacles, sickness, other’s anger and blame. Appreciate all of it.

You are the ones needing to be matured, needing to learn how to overcome obstacles.  Meditation is not for putting on an armour to protect yourself from obstacles, it is for learning to accept whatever comes. Once you start looking for obstacles, then everything becomes an obstacle. But if you instead learn to see the benefit in all situations, then everything becomes useful.“

Reading 2

“A long life, just in itself, is not very useful. You should not be wasting it thinking about the future - where will I live, what job can I get? This is no different from cows, dogs and rabbits, the animals we can see, all thinking about what to eat and where to sleep. We are human beings and should not see things in such a narrow-minded way. You have a chance for more than this and should make use of it. You should think of how you can benefit others, now and in the future. Practice will make you more pure and eventually you will be able to help others.”

"Suppose the Buddha's teachings said you do not need loving kindness and compassion. It is other people's job to have loving kindness and compassion. In that case the world would not be free of suffering. But the truth is that each of us has a responsibility for what we do. If I am free from anger and hatred and all the mind poisons, then I am acting for the benefit of all beings. I no longer need to be frightened because I no longer have anger. If each of us were free from anger and hatred and mind poisons, that would be the biggest contribution we could make to the whole world. If each of us could wake up to our compassionate nature, if the whole world could do that, then it would be a compassionate world.

Reading 3

"Do not look for good or bad experiences.
Everything should be seen as the blessings of the guru, whether it is by the kindness of pleasant experiences, or the purification of unpleasant experiences.
Sickness, hunger, anger or aggression from others, they should all be seen as an opportunity to purify body and mind through the blessing of the guru.

A compassionate motivation is like the ground.
The four ordinary foundations are the seed, and the blessing of the guru is the water.
Without water the seed will never grow.
Even if your visualisation is weak, if you call on the guru with complete faith, not just partial faith, you will still get the full blessing and benefit of the practice.
During guru yoga you should surrender completely and pray to the guru like a child calling out to its mother.”

Reading 4

"I think if you want your life to be very simple, but to have some value and benefit, then first of all you should not be thinking of which bhumi you are on. Instead you should come back and put your feet on the ground. You need to learn how to sit without movement and to still your mind without worrying so much.

We worry so much about our lives, about our wealth, our position, our job and duties; there is nothing we don't worry about. Whenever we have a little free time, we worry about ourselves, our families, our children. Everything and anything you see in front of you is a cause of worry.

Worry does not solve any of our problems. The only way we can solve our problems or be of benefit to ourselves, is to be still. Imagine you have a large empty container catching a tiny drop of water from the ceiling. The drip is constant, not a large quantity, not too fast or slow, but because it is constant, no matter what size the pot, one day it will be full.  But if you just leave a few buckets under the drip for one day, and then do nothing for 10 or 20 years, you will achieve very little. This shows the need for constancy and diligence. If we have no stability there is so much danger to our life and our mood, so we need to find stability.