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Journey From Zanskar - a screening with the Director

Posted on 16 Apr 2016

Journey From Zanskar - a screening with the Director

We are very pleased to be hosting a special screening of the film “Journey From Zanskar” at Kagyu Samye Dzong. The director, Frederick Marx, will be here in person to exhibit the film and hold a Q&A, a great opportunity to learn more about the fascinating trials and tribulations of the several years it took to make the film.

Zanskar is a precarious Tibetan border region in an extremely remote area of northern India, even more inaccessible than nearby Ladakh, described by the Dalai Lama as “vital to the survival of Tibetan Buddhism”.  The film poses the question: how far would you go to save a dying culture?  On the instructions of the Dalai Lama, two monks from Zanskar’s Stongde Monastery do everything in their power to insure the Buddhist roots of Zanskari culture are preserved through education. They embark on a journey to take 17 local children, aged 4 to 12, on a treacherous journey, over a 17,500 foot pass, to a school in the town of Manali.

Frederick Marx is a very well-respected and internationally acclaimed American documentary film-maker whose films champion disadvantaged and misunderstood communities. He was nominated for an Oscar for his work on the hugely successful 1990s film “Hoop Dreams”. Robert Thurman described “Journey From Zanskar” as “beautiful, powerful and heart-warming”.

There is a £10 admission charge for this event.  You can book in advance using the PayPal button below.