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Joy and Delight in our Meditation Practice

Posted on 7 Apr 2020

Joy and Delight in our Meditation Practice

Kagyu Samye

Dzong London

 Welcome to the weekly newsletter - weekly at least for the duration of the lockdown.
First of all, many thanks to everyone for the warm messages on the meditation livestreams. It's wonderful that so many of you have been able to join us online. We have had a full virtual shrineroom each morning!
Thanks also for the questions sent in to Lama Zangmo, which the ever industrious Sarah has been posting on our blog and on Facebook.  
For this newsletter we have a taster from the new Samye Dzong Blog and an ew message from Lama Zangmo - get your exclusive preview here, only in this newsletter!
Stay safe and healthy.
David Bates
Newsletter Editor

1 - Joy and Delight in our Meditation Practice

Lama  Zangmo writes:  
"Joyful perseverance and enthusiastic effort is not a physical thing, like some sort of exhausting workout; it's a state of mind. In Buddhism it is described as a state of mind that takes joy in virtue and delights in positive activity. A state of mind that happily engages in activities such as generosity, ethical conduct and meditation.
Joyful perseverance is like the engine in a car that makes it move forward; without an engine it would just be a hollow shell of a car.  In the same way joy and delight in our meditation practice makes it improve and grow. Without it we get stuck and our meditation gets stale. We need to develop this attitude of mind in relation to our meditation practice, and to everything else in our life as well, if we want to have a result.    

Why is it that we are not meditating 24 hours a day, or at least in some of our waking hours, now that many of us have time during this lockdown, and we know it is beneficial for us? We agree with the whole idea, but something is holding us back. We need to recognise the conditions that stop us, the many disguises of laziness. They are described as the laziness of idleness; of a tendency towards unwholesome activity and negative habits; and of defeatism and putting oneself down. We should check if any of these are present, and if we find they are, then we need to inspire ourselves and replace them with enthusiasm and positive application." 

 2 - Spring has Sprung at Samye Dzong

"Birdsong brings relief to my longing,

I am just as ecstatic as they are,but with nothing to say!

Please, universal soul, practice some song, or something, through me!"


Sarah writes...

"During the last few morning meditation sessions, birdsong has begun to accompany the demolition next door! When our neighbours are taking a rest, the birds are really apparent. It was so special to hear them this morning during our tea break that we thought of making a recording of them and sharing it with you all. Their song is such a beautiful reminder of the resilience of nature.

Regardless of the harm humans have caused our earth,  nature still blesses us with sounds and sights that gracefully ground us to where we are in the present moment.

On this theme, we have also added several pictures of the courtyard and budding flowers that Persis has been working on. More of these can be found under the Dzongers Pics page..."

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