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New autumn events and visiting teachers

Posted on 1 Sep 2019

New autumn events and visiting teachers

Kagyu Samye Dzong London

September 2019

Welcome to the September newsletter and a newly re-opened Centre. Just a reminder that on Wednesday - Friday we are now open from 5.00 - 9.00 pm. If you turn up any earlier we're afraid the doors will be shut.

On the positive side however there's a new long-life prayer for Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, written by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa. We've also got news of three more teachers coming to the Centre over the next  couple of months, starting with Khenpo Lekthong (pictured above) on the evening of Wednesday 25th September - that's in addition to Drupon Rinpoche who will be here on the 21st - 22nd September. 

So, diaries at the ready, to find out more - just read on....


News in Brief

  • Khenpo Lekthong will give a talk at the Centre on Wednesday 25th September, 7.00-8.30 pm. He is a Buddhist author and speaks fluent English, so he will be teaching without a translator. 
  • Simply Meditation Days have been a great success since they were started by Gelong Trinley at Manor Place. We have a new set of dates to take us up to Christmas which you can see listed on the website
  • How to Develop an Attitude of Gratitude is the latest course to be delivered by the ever popular Clive Holmes on 19th - 20th October.
  • Beginners' Tibetan Language class: part two. There are some places available for people to join. However this is not a class for the complete novice. You should know the Tibetan alphabet and be able to read slowly. 
  • Other Dates For Your Diary
  • Simply Meditation Day - Sunday 29th September.
  • Beginners' Meditation - a four week course from Wednesday 9th October. If you missed getting onto the September course, don't be deterred!
  • Gradually Arriving- Jim Scott will be teaching on the Songs of Realisation by Milarepa over the weekend of 12th-13th October.  
  • Maitri: the Buddhist practice of self-acceptance - with Alistair Appleton, 26th - 27th October.
  • Tulku Damcho Rinpoche - visit and empowerment on Friday 1st November. Full details nearer the time.
 1 - Visit of Drupon Rinpoche - 21st - 22nd September
We are delighted to be welcoming Drupon Rinpoche to the Centre on the 21st - 22nd September when he will be teaching on "A Song on Seizing the Kingdom of the Kagyu" by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche.
Drupon Rinpoche became the retreat master for Thrangu Sekhar Retreat Center, a retreat centre at a Milarepa pilgrimage site near Bhaktapur, Nepal, at the request of Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche. He has also taught in the Thrangu Monastery Shedra (a Buddhist college) and in the nunnery, Thrangu Tara Abbey.

At Lama Katen's suggestion, Rinpoche was invited to Kagyu Samye Ling monastery in the UK. Akong Rinpoche and Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche requested Rinpoche to devise and teach a part-time shedra course at the monastery and to be the retreat master for the retreat centres on the Isle of Arran and Holy Isle. To date, he has been the retreat master for one four year cycle of retreat and presided over a six-year shedra programme. Rinpoche continues to guide the retreats and gives teachings in Samye Ling annually.

Rinpoche now limits the amount of time he travels abroad to three months a year because he feels it is more beneficial to stay in one place training a dedicated group of students.
We are very fortunate to have a teacher of this stature coming to the Centre and we hope that as many of you as possible will be able to take advantage of his presence here. 
Drupon Khen Rinpoche Karma Lhabu will be teaching on "A Song on Seizing the Kingdom of the Kagyu" by Jamgon Kongtrul Lodro Thaye Rinpoche on the weekend of the 21st - 22nd September, 10.00 - 5.00 pm. He will then travel straight to Samye Ling to carry on his teaching on The Precious Ornament of Liberation from 24th September - 4th October. 

 2 - New long-life prayer for Lama Yeshe written by HH 17th Karmapa


In August, while Lama Yeshe Rinpoche was in hospital, Samye Ling received a long life prayer composed by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa. This prayer wasn't requested - it came spontaneously from His Holiness and feels like an enormous blessing. We all pray that Lama Yeshe Rinpoche's health improves and that he recovers swiftly. Below is the prayer in English, followed by the phonetic Tibetan version. 

Long Life Prayer for Choje Lama Yeshe Losal Rinpoche, composed by His Holiness the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa, August 2019

Within the changeless nature, spacious bliss and emptiness,
Blessed by the Life-Bestowing Lady and the Karmaka
O, may the pillar of your life stand firm, unbreakable,
Thus may you bring the greatest good for dharma and for beings.

Chö nyi mi gyur dé tong yang pé ngang
Tsé jin pak ma kamaké jin tü
Tsé yi kawa mi shik rap ten né
Ten drö dön chen la mé drup gyur chik

 3 - Position as Manager of the Tibetan Tea Rooms

We are looking for someone with experience of working in a cafe to come to Samye Dzong London to volunteer in the Tibetan Tea Room for a trial period with the view to become the long-term manager of the Tibetan Tea Room in Samye Ling in Scotland. The role requires someone who is reliable, well organised and has good communication skills. 

It is a unique opportunity for a Buddhist practitioner to deepen their connection to the Kagyu Lineage through meaningful service alongside furthering their own understanding of the Dharma, although it is not a requirement to be a Buddhist. 

Residential volunteer positions in Kagyu Samye Ling and KSD London offer an opportunity to combine practice, study, and service to the flourishing of the Dharma in the West.

If you are interested in this position, please email the office at Samye Dzong London for more information and an application form. 

     4 - Update on the development meeting for 11-13 Spa Road

Lydia Polzer writes: 
KSD London convened a second public meeting on Wednesday August 28 to inform local residents and friends of the Buddhist Centre of the plans for a 7-storey student residence to be built adjacent to Samye Dzong. The developers had submitted initial designs for the scheme to Southwark Council for planning permission in late 2017. These were met with considerable concern in the neighbourhood and received 178 official objections on the Council's online planning portal.

It has recently come to our attention that amended designs have now been submitted to Southwark Council. As the decision on the planning application may now be imminent, we felt that it was important to remind people on the potential detrimental impact the new building would have on Samye Dzong itself and neighbouring buildings and to explain what our next steps will be to make sure our objections to the scheme are properly addressed by the Council.

When the new plans become publicly available we will need to act very fast and make sure that we continue objecting if the changes haven't been sufficient to address our concerns. We will share with people via this newsletter and via a dedicated mailing-list for this project the link on the Southwark Council website where they can register their views to the amended plans.

If you would like to be included on this mailing list, please email the Samye Dzong office. Soon after that the date for the Planning Committee meeting at which the planning application will be voted on will be announced. It is extremely important to have as many people as possible attend the Planning Committee meeting and - if the decision is deferred to a later date - any follow-up meeting on this proposed scheme. This will significantly increase pressure on the councillors on the committee and will make it harder for them to ignore our concerns.