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November news and events

Posted on 15 Nov 2020

November news and events


Kagyu Samye Dzong London
November 2020

Welcome to the November newsletter. It's been far too long since we've been able to open our doors to the public, so instead Lama Zangmo is coming to you via the internet. Not only has her talk on Transforming Fear and Negative Emotions now been addded to our YouTube channel, but she is starting a new course on the Seven Points of Mind Training - full details below.

This follows on from a very online October with, in reverse order:

And if you missed any of these, by the power of the internet they are still available to watch if you click on any of the above links. Looking to the future you can see what new courses we have coming up on the new "Online Courses" page which has a link on the home page menu bar of our website.

On a different topic, copies of the new book about Akong Rinpoche, "Only the Impossible is Worth Doing" are still available if you haven't already ordered a copy. They are now being distributed by Samye Ling and full details of how to order one can be found on our website.

Finally, you are more than welcome to join us online each day in meditation on our YouTube channel, whether you join us live at 8.30 in the morning for Shinay, 7.00 pm on Sundays for Chenrezig, or if you watch a recording later on.

Best wishes,

David Bates
Newsletter Editor

New online course with Lama Zangmo - The Seven Points of Mind Training

For centuries Tibetans have used a series of fifty-nine slogans as a skillful method for training the mind and cultivating limitless compassion. Using the text The Great Path of Awakening, which contains clear, precise instructions, Lama Zangmo will give weekly instructions with an emphasis on using the practice to meet ordinary life situations with intelligence and loving kindness.
This free online course is not for complete beginners, but is open to those who wish to learn more.
The Seven Points of Mind Training takes place on Sundays, 4.00 - 4.45 pm from 15th November to the 28th February. Please email the office for more information.