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Auction- online bidding closed. Offers by email available until 31st August 2022

Posted on 13 Jul 2022

Auction- online bidding closed. Offers by email available until 31st August 2022


We have closed the auction but we still have a few items to sell. As we will be doing a fundraiser event on 29th August, we will keep the list below open for offers until 31st August 2022 and add any further funds raised to our total at the end of August.

To take part, just email the office with your off, stating the lot number, how much you are offering and your contact details. Kindlt note as we are closed from 1 to 23 August we will only review offers from 24th August - so be patient- we will reply.

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UR1 Chris is offering to share some of his knowledge with spreadsheets and offer basic tips on how to use Google sheets or excel to solve some of your problems, be that data analysis, budgeting, surveys, or anything else. NB: Chris is sure he was a spreadsheet in a previous life!!

Chris Scammell


1 hour at KSDL  £10
 UR11  Gentle Flow Yoga and Meditation class - for 1 person or for many! Barbara Mutedzi is a Conscious Leadership & Wellbeing Coach; a Yoga instructor, Mindful Meditation Coach and Metaphysical practitioners.   1 hour online  
 UR15 A 1 hour music set/ music performance; saxophone and DJ (although that would probably have to be prepared set to be played on the day). Alex is offering an hour set of music in the location of bidder's choice (within London area). Depending on the size of the audience ( in theory there is room for unlimited capacity with his offering) there might be needed an assistance with the hire of a PA.   Aleksandra Topczewska  1 hour  
 UR18 Brass and Metal Fidget Spinner in carry case with zip: Om Mani Padme Hum   3 pieces available   Buddhist gadgets  offers for 1 unless otherwise stated 
UR22 Online TRE session - TRE is a somatic methodology that support the release of trauma and tension in the body.   Claudia Colella  1 hour online  
 UR26 Medicine Buddha Brocade hanging     Tibetan Art  
 UR27 Tibetan silver bracelet    Tibetan Jewellery  
 UR28 Portrait photography session and print. You can choose to have your portrait taken at the centre, outdoors or in a studio.   Tom Jordan on Instagram (@tgjphoto)  1 hour  
 UR31 The Ableton Accelerator House Music Training for Beginners, normally retailing at £997. Interested in music production, this could be for you.  Jon King  Online course  
 UR38 Conversational classes in Swiss German, Turkish or German with a native in Swiss German, turkish and German. I grow up in Switzerland.
If you want to practice every day situation, a particular topic  or just before flying off to your holidays to get familiar with the basic tourist sentences please join me for a fun lesson. 
 Tulay Ayvere 45 minute session, in-person or online   
 UR40 Make your first Android app (or improve your skill). Up to 10 classes. Miguel Rossi, Ex- KSD London volutneer and absolutely fabulous chap! 10 lessons for 1 or 2 people!  
 UR41 Spanish conversation with a native speaker (any level) or beginners classes Miguel Rossi, Ex- KSD London volutneer and absolutely fabulous chap! I hour sessions - 1 or 2 people. Bid for a single lesson, or a bit more for several!  £10
 UR44 Half day Interior Design consultation: 2 separate consultations for 1 person / couple / business.  Qualified Architect and Interior designer with over 2 decades experience of luxury residential, hospitality and corporate projects in UK, Europe, Asia & Africa including Discovery Channel Offices, Grand Hyatt Hotels and residences in Knightsbridge, Marbella & Cape Town  1 x half day session available (4-5 hours)