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Rigpe Dorje Shrineroom

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On the 1st of April 2013, Kagyu Samye Dzong London inaugurated its newest shrineroom. After 3 years of hardwork and following a major transformation the old lending library hall is now our new Rigpe Dorje shrineroom. The entire room has been decorated in Tibetan style by a team of many hardworking volunteers. The room took 8 months to paint. The final stages of the transformation invovled preparing the 1008 Buddhas which are now housed in the magnificent shrine cabinet that spans the width of the hall.

Shrine Room Etiquette

Our shrine room is the heart of KSD London. Everyone is welcome to sit and enjoy the quiet and stillness of it any time during the opening times of the centre or to attend the weekly meditation sessions and Tibetan pujas detailed in our programme.

A shrine room is a sacred space for us to access the highest aspect of our being, our own Buddha-nature, and should be approached respectfully with that in mind. We request that you observe the following while you are inside the shrine room:

  • SHOES/HATS Please remove your shoes and hats and leave them on the racks at the entrance
  • DRESS CODE Shorts, short skirts and revealing clothing are not appropriate for the shrine room or anywhere in the centre
  • TEXTS/PRAYERS The Buddhist tradition is to treat texts and musical instruments with respect and to keep them away from the floor by placing them on a table or on a cushion. Please also avoid stepping over them
  • PROSTRATIONS It is common to show ones respect by prostrating to the Buddha three times upon first entering the shrine room. But this is not obligatory
  • FOOD/DRINK Please do not bring food and drink into the shrine room, other than water in closed containers
  • MOBILES Please turn off your mobile phones and other electronic devices
  • GENERAL Avoid stretching out your legs directly at the shrine and pointing your feet at it