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A blend of controlled martial art, and therapeutic exercises.

every Wednesday - 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Tetsudo is a world recognised Tibetan martial art with a history of over forty years teaching in the United Kingdom. It is a blend of controlled martial art, and therapeutic exercises suitable for all ages and fitness levels. The Tetsudo Association is a non-profit making group dedicated to teaching Tetsudo. Costs of training are minimal, and standards are high.

The Creator of the Tetsudo Concept was Maha Ustad (Supreme Teacher) Masu Tetsura, who addressed his collection of ideas, thoughts and training formats simply as the ‘Art Form’. After his death in 1966, it was decided to rename the ‘Art Form’ as Tetsudo – The Way of Tetsura. In honour and recognition of the late Master.

Training sessions start with a warm-up to prepare the body, by warming, stretching and strengthening the muscles. The instructor will then lead students in practicing techniques appropriate to their stage of training, which will include different stances, called “Postures”, and basic techniques, including blocks and strikes, using legs and arms

Tetsura said of his artform-

"The true art, clarifies, and brings into harmony the interrelated and intermingled workings of time, space, body, bones, muscles, nerves, consciousness, subconsciousness, and unconsciousness, and opens the way for a better understanding between US and the WORLD that surrounds us.

“The true art cannot be learned without intelligent observation, gratitude, and an intense desire to improve oneself”.

Costs: £7 per class (1st class free)

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This course on offer is not being offered by Kagyu Samye Dzong London but by the course leaders personally. Kagyu Samye Dzong London is not responsible for what takes place in the class and accepts no liability in respect thereof.