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Shrine Room Etiquette

A shrine room is a sacred space for us to access the highest aspect of our being, our own Buddha-nature, and should be approached respectfully with that in mind. We request that you kindly observe the following whilst you are inside the shrine room:

  • SHOES/HATS Please remove your shoes and hats and leave them on the racks at the entrance.

  • DRESS CODE Shorts, short skirts and revealing clothing are not appropriate for the shrine room or anywhere in the centre.

  • TEXTS/PRAYERS The Buddhist tradition is to treat texts and musical instruments with respect and to keep them away from the floor by placing them on a table or on a cushion. Please also avoid stepping over them.

  • PROSTRATIONS It is common to show respect by prostrating to the Buddha three times upon first entering the shrine room. But this is not obligatory.

  • FOOD/DRINK Please do not bring food and drink into the shrine room. Only water in closed containers is permitted.

  • MOBILES Please turn off your mobile phones and other electronic devices.

  • GENERAL Avoid stretching out your legs directly towards and pointing your feet at the shrine.

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