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​We have one male and one female dormitory as well as a private room for visitors who wish to stay overnight from Wednesday to Monday. The Centre is closed to the public on Mondays and Tuesdays.

All accommodation must be booked for and paid in advance. Accommodation bookings can ONLY be made by contacting the office. 

  • Dormitory accommodation £32 per night per person.

  • Single room £45 per night per person.

  • We are unable to offer catering facilities for visitors. We do have a small downstairs area available for making tea and hot drinks with a fridge to store food. 

  • When it is open, guests are welcome to use the Tibetan Tearoom. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants in the surrounding area to suit a variety of budgets.

  • We provide bed linen only. Visitors should bring their own towels.

  • Overnight guests with a confirmed booking should arrive in the centre between 2pm and 4:30pm. As the Centre is run by volunteers, it is not possible to arrange for late check-ins.

  • Please do be mindful of others when you go out in the evening, and kindly do not arrive back late.

  • The Centre is CLOSED for accommodation on Monday and Tuesday evenings as the Centre is closed to the public.


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