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How to book a school visit

Kagyu Samye Dzong London has been welcoming schools and accompanied school children for many years.

For a small administrative fee, the Centre receives booking requests from a diversity of schools and home school groups on Thursday and Friday mornings. A visit lasts for one hour. 

The age of groups varies, and both primary and secondary classes are welcome to attend. A school group tour will be lead by a member of the community resident at the centre.

What you can expect during a school visit:

  • A warm welcome to the centre.

  • An introduction to Buddhism and the essence of the Buddhist teachings.

  • A brief simple guided meditation (optional).

  • Question and answer time with the students.

The cost for school visits are as follows:

  • For group visits of between 10 - 30 students we charge £35 per visit.

  • For group visits of between 30 - 60 students we charge £65 per visit.


Due to the high number of requests we receive, a booking can only be confirmed once payment for the visit has been received. Schools are asked to plan their visits with sufficient time to ensure payment is made.

To organise a school visit please contact our office to check availability of dates. An invoice will then be sent, and once payment is received a confirmation email will be sent to the school. 

If you have already visited, thank you! If you would like to give us feedback to improve the experience, please fill in the very short form below. 

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