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Yoga with Eve Rose

Yoga with Eve Rose

Every Wednesday 19:30-20:30.

A deeply relaxing and nourishing class suitable for all levels.

Yin yoga incorporates specific postures to strengthen and stretch our joints and fascia so that over time we can become more flexible in how we move throughout our daily lives. We stay in the postures for a longer time to allow our bodies and minds to sink into stillness, creating space for awareness of breath, physical sensations and the changing nature of our thoughts.


£12 drop-in
£40 for 4 classes (valid for 8 weeks)

Concessions available. Please ask. No one will miss out due to cost.

Booking advisable by clicking “book a class” in the link below:


For further information, please contact Eve on:
07968 796419



Eve is a yoga teacher, masseuse and mindfulness facilitator with a background in performance art.


Eve has over 15 years of experience as a somatic therapist and 10 years as a yoga teacher. Eve has found the path of yoga to be beneficial to her physical & mental wellbeing and general happiness, helping her to cultivate compassion and curiosity towards herself as well as others.


Eve teaches hatha & yin yoga and incorporates mindfulness techniques into her classes as this has helped her understand her own unhelpful habits and discover new ways of responding. Eve has an in-depth knowledge of the body having been a masseuse for years and brings this into her teaching. Eve trained extensively in the UK as well as India and is inspired by many teachers & body/mind practices.

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