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A month makes all the difference! A volunteer's experience

A month makes a difference - it really does! Here is what Rosa Navas (on the left in the picture), Colombian, Filmmaker and Londoner, has to say about her one-month residential stay at the Kagyu Samye Dzong London Centre.

“I regret not staying in the centre a bit longer. The stay helped me to see with more clarity what my personal challenges are, and seeing them, the humbler and more honest I am becoming with myself and others. I generally struggle with creating a regular meditation routine, but life in the centre has made my practice steadier and more meaningful.

KSD London has helped me to build a motivation strong as steel! I am thankful to the centre and to everyone there for making me feel so welcome, for their support, and for sharing so much with me.”

There is no need to go far away to do full time volunteer work if you want to deepen personal meditation practice. I live in London with my husband, and not too far from the centre. I have volunteered a few hours in the cafe for a while now, but never considered doing full time volunteer work and living there. Until, that is, my husband and I agreed we would both take some time for our different personal development needs.

My initial goal was to just ‘give back’ to the community. Do my bit by working hard for a place that is open and available to all regardless of who they are, where they come from or what they believe! In return I got three times more back.

➢ I got valuable advice from Lama Zangmo;

➢ I made new friends; and

➢ I explored new meditation practices and I meditate more at home!

If you would like to join the Samye Dzong community as a full-time volunteer, please email the office.


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