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Looking to do some cooking?

Cook up some positive karma at Kagyu Samye Dzong London

We have an opportunity for a resident volunteer cook at the Centre. Are you interested? If so, below is a very brief description:

  • Ideally be comfortable to work as the sole cook, and have experience with vegetarian and vegan dishes.

  • A weekly schedule that focuses on cooking vegetarian/vegan lunch three days a week (Friday through to Sunday) for resident volunteers.

  • Participating in other related volunteering work Wednesday, and Thursday (working hours are 9AM - 4PM)

  • Prepare lunch for larger numbers to include the Tibetan Tearoom on Saturday and Sunday.

  • 1 month trial period with an idea to stay for 6 months or longer.

Main duties include:

  • Preparation of lunch three days a week, Friday to Sunday

  • Other related volunteer work on Wednesday and Thursday.

  • Weekly Food Shopping and ordering of supplies for volunteers and events.

  • Preparing food for events and visiting teachers.

  • Organising and cleaning the store room, fridges, freezers.

  • Washing pots and pans after lunch.

  • Cleaning the cooking areas after lunch.

This is a residential (single room provided) but unpaid volunteer position, suitable for someone with experience in cooking who would like the opportunity to live, practice and serve in a friendly Buddhist community. Position available immediately, or as soon as possible!

Fill in this form stating your interest in the cooks post (or email the office on


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