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Volunteer for a Year Part 3: Credo quia absurdum

"Every being without exception, has the vajra mind, eternal and blissful. I dedicate the virtue (generated by this practice) to them, since it brings Buddhahood - immortality, through the union of skills and understanding, and entry into changelessness, through the inner path. Through this virtue may I quickly achieve the mahamudra and thereafter may I bring all beings, without exception, to that same state." Ngondro Pecha Text 40b/41a

I say this devotion at the end of my morning practice. Isn’t it wonderful? What hope, what love for everyone, everywhere all at once (yes, that’s a reference to the ‘Daniels’ 2022 movie). Such a big aspiration, from such as I, seems absurd. But still, it’s comforting, joyful and strangely not hopeless. I say it again and again and again. Perhaps I believe it because it is absurd!

"May I attain omniscience and overcome adversity, Thereupon liberating (all) beings from the ocean of existence." (English extract from Sönam di yi… prayer of dedication found in the Jätaka)

Part of our daily dedication during morning meditation. Another big ask for such humble humans! Thinking about the words I say, we say; these prayers, these wishes, this deep (un)knowledge of our non-duality. Do I believe them? Is my fake so deep it has become the truth (I ask because I often feel a tear roll down my cheek, where did it come from?). The writer Ali Smith says ’Fiction tells you, by making up of truth, what really is true’.

"Precious bodhicitta, may it arise in those in whom it has not yet arisen. Wherever it has arisen, may it never deteriorate but progress ever more and more." Ngondro Pecha Text 9a

Not so much a devotion as another massive wish. It reaches, I believe, into the yet undiscovered chambers of my heart. Sarah and I are so moved by these words that we now say it three times when we practice together. The parameters of an overly optimistic outlook have been broadly discussed, but hope? Hope still feels boundless and vital on this path.

So, with that in mind let me share my biggest, most hopeful aspiration; to love myself and ALL of you as much as I love my own children (and I love them way more than evolution requires me to so perhaps not such an absurd ask after all).

Conversations, and silence, are very magical things here at the Centre. More about this in the next instalment.

If you are considering volunteering at the Centre, get in touch with us here.

Much love, and huge amounts of courage, Katrina.


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